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lunedì 16 dicembre 2013

MODS FOLDER: for your CC in PACKAGE format and for POSES

The CC package format are better than the sims3pack format , in my opinion . They are much lighter , much less weigh down the game and have no trouble passing the Exchange EA . When you download sims who packages , you do not see the material if you do not have the folder packages! And this folder must be contained in the MODS folder with the file Resource.cfgSo I have prepared the MODS folder that you 'll have to put here:Documents / Electronic Arts / Sims 3
The MODS folder contains :- DCChache folder- PACKAGES folder
The folder PACKAGES however, contains :- BluescreenCAS , which serves to eliminate the room creating a " sims" and thus have the possibility to have a solid background , allowing you to work with greater ease your photos! But if you want to keep your room, you can delete this folder !
- MATERIAL SIMS folder : where I put some new material for your sims ! I hope you like it, if not, you can always delete the material that you do not like ! But do not delete this subfolder that you will need to put all your material packages!
- POSE where you will find the poseciak and some poses that I have chosen for you! So you can shoot your sims with the poses that you like !
REMEMBER ! ! When you download new poses for your Sims , you'll have to save them in the POSE folder.

To take pictures pose to your sims you have to put the poseciak in a room of the house. You can find the poseciak under "decorations" to "buy."

And now, HAVE FUN ;)


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sabato 16 novembre 2013


*mesh by ModishKitten
*Thanks to all poses creators and other CC creators